Talent Development - Davidson Elementary


What is the Talent Development Program?

The Talent Development Catalyst program for gifted services is based on consultation and collaboration between the talent development and classroom teachers. They work together to meet the needs of the high achieving students. Sometimes the TD teacher works with a whole group or a small group in the child's classroom or provides the classroom teacher with work for the higher achieving students; at other times the TD teacher can pull out students to work with them directly. The TD teachers works to make sure that the needs of every student are met in the classroom.

Talent Development Teachers

Mrs. Kathleen (Katie) Tedone is at Davidson Elementary Monday - Friday.
I always happy to talk with you but the most reliable way to communicate is via email.
I can be reached at kathleenk.tedone@cms.k12.nc.us]]

Mrs. Sabrina Walters is at Davidson Elementary Thursday - Friday.
Mrs. Walters can be reached at sabrinal.walters@cms.k12.nc.us]]