Students in Grades K-1st can be referred for TD consideration by previous test scores, teacher recommendation, or parent request. A TD school-based committee meets to discuss the referral, and determine if further evaluation is necessary.

TD-identified students in Grades K-1st receive consultative services.

Students can qualify for the Talent Development (TD) program through a Gateway process.

Students in Grades K-1 can qualify through Gateway 1 and 2.

Gateway 1: 96% or above on a CMS-administered nationally normed aptitude test

Gateway 2: 87% or above on a nationally normed aptitude test AND
NC EOG/EOC or nationally normed achievement test score in math and reading
(Two scores, aptitude and achievement, must average a 93% or above)*

* Achievement Math and Reading scores are averaged first. That score is averaged with the composite Aptitude score.

Test results for identification are accepted up to 24 months from date of testing.
Outside of school-setting test results are only valid if administered by a state licensed psychologist.

Click the file below to access a list of CMS-approved tests for Talent Development evaluation...