What is WordMasters?

The WordMasters Challenge is a national competition for students in grades 3-8 which encourages growth in vocabulary and verbal reasoning. Students will learn the different relationships analogies can have, and apply those to their current word lists. Students will be required to look up the definitions, parts of speech, and think about word usage. This competition addresses higher-level word comprehension and logical abilities, and helps students learn to think both analytically and metaphorically.

WordMasters will be a part of in-class instruction for students beginning in mid-October. There are three competitions that will also be held during in-class instruction. These are held in December, February, and April. WordMasters instruction will conclude after the final competition in April.

Who participates in WordMasters?

Students in Grades 3 - 5 may participate in The WordMasters Challenge. Teachers will select small groups of students from their classroom to participate.

What work is assigned for WordMasters?

Students will need to study outside of class, as well as in class, to prepare for the competitions. Students have a minimum of two weeks to study before each meet. Parental assistance with studying is welcomed but not necessary.

Is WordMasters graded?

WordMasters contest scores may used as part of a student's regular literacy grade. If so, they will be graded on a curve.
Participation/effort, homework, and in-class work may also be graded at the teacher's discretion.
A student is encouraged to complete with himself/herself. Individual growth is celebrated!
At the conclusion of the WordMasters Challenge, the top in-school "champions" on each team will be recognized for their achievement!